1 in 3 housekeepers is victim of harassment, discrimination or aggression. The subject is rarely discussed due to fear, shame or concern about losing one’s job. The campaign’s objective was to raise awareness on these inappropriate behaviors towards housekeepers.


To address this somewhat sensitive issue, together with WBF, we have created 2 ranges of domestic products. The first one has 3 products: "Harassment, Discrimination and Aggression" staged in parodies of household product advertisements. The second one is called "Respect" because this is what housekeepers deserve.

The best way to take care of your home is to respect your housekeeper. 


On top of the 3 campaign films and the SOME posts, we organized a hidden camera film to raise awareness and address the issue.

To do so, we installed our rebranded products in a supermarket shelf and waited for the customers to be confronted with our product ranges. Let’s see if they would actually buy discrimination or aggression.

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